For us at your privacy is our utmost concern.  As much as shopping online provides for convenience, saving time and money and with being provided the choice of handpicked clothing that is both trendy and in line with the latest global trends brought to your door step which are sourced from global and local designers / fashion houses, the concerns one has in their mind is will my personal information be shared with other vendors, organizations and other individuals –And the answer is most definitely NOT.

All the information that you share will us at will be only amongst us and furthermore only used to provide you and keep you updated with everything and anything related to products and services which are offered via and our strategic partners which will also be shared via our portal to all of you, our community. We will also be sending you our newsletter, special offer flyers which will be value additions to you for being part of the local community

We will also encourage that if you as our community member wants to flaunt or share your snapshots with us or on any of our social media streams you are more than welcome and we will also do so with your consent only

The management of or our team members will not sell or disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent, except as stated in our Privacy Policy.

In order to register and become a local community member and experience a lifestyle / world of products and services that will make your life enriched and joyful, you will need to provide us with a valid email address and you may be able to choose a username. We may also require additional information such as billing or payment information, a telephone /mobile number, physical address of stay, delivery address and other social media profile details all to provide you a live personalized service for your ultimate satisfaction.

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